Getting to Zero. Be a Hero.
You are invited to share in an extraordinary inaugural event for the Rod Bragg Music City PrEP Clinic. Our goal is an HIV-free Nashville and Middle Tennessee. We are a sexual health and wellness clinic that needs your help to launch a proven model of eliminating HIV by providing access to PrEP at low or no cost.

Working together and supporting the existing family of LGBT and AIDS/HIV organizations, we can reduce to zero new HIV infections in our community. Modeled on & mentored by an exciting, successful clinic in Austin, Texas, we expect to be a self-sufficient organization freed from the usual cycle of fundraising while providing quality healthcare to all patients, regardless of their sexual identity or ability to pay.

Why not let everyone rely on their existing primary care doctors and pharmacies? Because it’s not working.

  • As the HIV battle moves to America’s southern cities, stigma is a major barrier to information and treatment.
  • Many patients are not comfortable discussing their sexual practices with their existing primary care physician. We’ll provide a safe place in a convenient location to discuss their sexual health with our physicians.
  • Unfortunately, too many primary care physicians are not comfortable or proactive about encouraging their patients to discuss their sexual behavior, risks, and options. Our physicians and clinical staff will specialize in the needs of the LGBT, MSM, and POC communities.
  • Today, there are only EIGHT providers on the Nashville CARES prescriber referral list for PrEP–6 of those require insurance, and of those six, one is our own medical director. The 7th is available only to MTSU students and staff. And the 8th, My House (Neighborhood Health), is the only one available to uninsured members of the general public. There are thousands of people in metro Nashville and middle Tennessee who we can help protect with PrEP. There is a need for a focused provider.
  • Stigma makes some people relunctant to pick up PrEP at their regular pharmacy. To address their privacy concerns, we’ll provide confidential mail-order service or convenient pick up service at our clinic.
  • Only 10% of patients referred to PrEP, get it or remain on it.Our patient advocates will move the needle through engagement and relationships. We’re not just a dispensary.

Come meet our board, partners, and allies.

  • Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joe Taylor
  • Secretary, Dr. Steven Davidson
  • Executive Director, Rich MacKinnon
  • Pro bono counsel, Bass Berry Sims
  • TN Charitable Care Network, Mary Kiger
  • Texas Health Action/Kind Clinic, Melanie McElroy

Business attire. Heavy appetizers. Wine & Limited Bar.
Suggested donation level $100-$3000. All investments in our startup phase are 501(c)(3) tax-deductible.

Can’t make it? Consider donating online or via our FB donation campaign