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15 05, 2018

Now Accepting New Patients


The Rod Bragg Music City PrEP Clinic is accepting new patients. We provide free, confidential sexual health and wellness care in a safe place with staff sensitive to the needs and issues of our LGBT, MSM, and POC communities. Your

Now Accepting New Patients2020-04-03T16:59:52-05:00
10 05, 2018

Didn’t See that Appointment Reminder?


The PrEP protocol requires you to be seen by the prescribing physician every three months to make sure that you are still HIV negative and not having any side-effects from the medication.  It's also a good opportunity to update your

Didn’t See that Appointment Reminder?2020-04-06T17:18:06-05:00
10 05, 2018

Didn’t Receive Our Email?


Unfortunately, many people do not see our emails because Google sorts it into their "Promotions Tab." This can be a problem if you are expecting to hear from us. Please review this handy guide to let Google know that we're

Didn’t Receive Our Email?2020-04-03T17:15:43-05:00
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