Next Clinics are September 16 and 25


Woot!  The Rod Bragg Music City PrEP Clinic will be open on Sunday, September 16 from 1-3:30pm and Tuesday, September 25 from 6-8:30pm .  As part of our service expansion, we are now including Hepatitis C screens along with our standard HIV/STD/STI testing.

We will continue to add additional weeknight and weekend service as demand grows, so spread the word!

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The Music City PrEP Clinic empowers Middle Tennesseeans to live an HIV-free life through PrEP medication, education, anti-stigma campaigns, and support.  While PrEP can promote sexual health and wellness, it does not protect against the other sexually transmitted infections (STI). Accordingly, all PrEP patients will be routinely screened for STD/STI.

The Music City PrEP Clinic staff is sensitive to the needs of the LGBT+, MSM, and POC communities.  Patients not comfortable receiving identifying prescriptions at their usual pharmacy are provided confidential, mail-order delivery.

Music City PrEP Clinic services are provided free of charge;  If patients are unable to afford PrEP and other sexual wellness medications, the clinic will work to cover the costs.  Music City PrEP Clinic accepts patients who are insured, uninsured, and under-insured.

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