TLDR: Need a free, confidential STD test? Come see us!

The Rod Bragg Music City PrEP Clinic now provides complimentary STD/STI testing for gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia. Patients will be tested during their quarterly PrEP follow-up visits and as-needed. Additionally, new patients seeking STD/STI testing will be evaluated as candidates for PrEP.

PrEP, the street name for Truvada, is a preventative pill for HIV. If taken daily, it can reduce the chances of infection by 92-99%. Currently, there are about 150 new cases of HIV each year in metro Nashville and Middle Tennessee. The Music City PrEP Clinic empowers Middle Tennesseeans to live an HIV-free life through PrEP medication, education, anti-stigma campaigns, and support.

Not everyone is comfortable discussing their sexual health and wellness with their primary care physicians, and unfortunately, not all physicians are as comfortable with the topic as their patients need. A recent report indicated that stigma prevalent in the Deep South states, of which Tennessee is one, has led to disproportionate HIV diagnosis and death as compared to other U.S. regions. And among the stigmatized populations, there has also been a spike in the STI rates.

While PrEP can promote sexual health and wellness, it does not protect against the other sexually transmitted infections (STI). Accordingly, all PrEP patients will be routinely screened for STD/STI.

The Music City PrEP Clinic staff is sensitive to the needs of the LGBT+, MSM, and POC communities. Patients not comfortable receiving identifying prescriptions at their usual pharmacy are provided confidential, mail-order delivery.

Nationwide, there have been cuts in state and local STD funding leading to reduced services and higher co-pays. Music City PrEP Clinic services are provided free of charge; If patients are unable to afford PrEP and other sexual wellness medications, the clinic will work to cover the costs. Music City PrEP Clinic accepts patients who are insured, uninsured, and under-insured.